Thank You Susan Meissner for a Wonderful Event!

Thank You Susan Meissner for a Wonderful Event!

A quick bio on Susan Meissner will tell you what you need to know about her career but Susan is more than that.  A dedicated Board Member of Save Ellis Island, Susan has shared her time and energy with us time and again even when on a very hectic book tour. 

Susan recently spent the day with us on Ellis Island as part of our lecture series answering questions from an audience eager to learn the techniques of writing, a writer’s thought process, and maybe even a preview of her next book. 

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SEI President Janis Calella with Susan Meissner

What brought Susan to Ellis Island?  Inspired by Lorie Conway’s documentary, Forgotten Ellis Island; an emotional and heartbreaking journey through the abandoned hospitals on the south side of the island, Susan was inspired by the images of the hospital wards and the faces of the sick immigrants, children separated from their parents, all waiting for the same thing…to be cured and made well enough to enter the United States. Susan knew immediately that there were many stories to be told hiding beneath the walls of the Ellis Island Hospital. 

Her book, A Fall of Marigolds, takes us to Ellis Island as we follow Nurse Clara Wood on a journey of love, loss and sacrifice. Autographed copies of A Fall of Marigolds and Susan’s latest book, The Last Year of the War (not autographed) may be purchased on our website SHOP

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For more information on Susan Meissner and a list of her books, please visit her website

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