Recipe of the Month

  • Nellie O'Leary's Irish Soda Bread

    Nellie O'Leary's Irish Soda Bread

    This month’s recipe comes from Judy O’Leary Anderson of Syracuse, New York whose mother Nellie T. O’Donoughue O’Leary came through Ellis Island in 1920 from the village of Rathmore County, Kerry, Ireland.

  • Jerusalem Sweet and Spicy Noodle Kugel

    Jerusalem Sweet and Spicy Noodle Kugel

    When Ashkenazi Jewish people brought their traditional noodle kugel to Jerusalem sometime during the nineteenth century, it underwent a curious transformation.

  • Ricotta Cheese Balls

    Ricotta Cheese Balls

    This delicious dish comes from Jack Scordo of Watertown, New York. Jack’s mother Marianna Scordo, came through Ellis Island from Italy in 1916.

  • Grandma’s Matzoh Meal Pancakes

    Grandma’s Matzoh Meal Pancakes

    Today's recipe from The Ellis Island Immigrant Cookbook comes from Judith Walsh of Brooklyn, New York. Judith's paternal grandmother Esther Wolkowich, was born in a small town in the Russian sector of Poland. Esther came to the United States at the turn of the century and brought some native recipes with her. Judith's favorite recipe was her grandmother's matzoh meal pancake.

  • Rolled Cabbage

    Rolled Cabbage

    This recipe comes from Marian Burros whose mother Dorothy Derby Fox Greenblatt arrived at Ellis Island from the Ukraine on November 20, 1906. This recipe was their family's favorite.