Jamie Lee Curtis at Ellis Island

Jamie Lee Curtis at Ellis Island

Jamie Lee Curtis is a celebrated actress and best-selling children’s book author. She chose to launch her new book, This is Me: The Story of Who We Are and Where We Came From with the help of Save Ellis Island. “I can’t think of a more appropriate place than Ellis Island to host a reading for children about emigration, immigration, and the idea of leaving the old behind for the promise of the new” said Janis Calella, president of Save Ellis Island. In This Is Me a teacher tells her class about her great-grandmother’s journey from home to a new country, with nothing but a small suitcase to bring along. And she asks: What would you pack? What are the things you love best? What says “This is me!”?

The kickoff event, organized by Save Ellis Island, was held on Ellis Island Monday, September 19 and was attended by 82 fourth grade students from the Tinc Road School in Flanders, New Jersey along with a number of teachers and parents. Curtis says she hopes This Is Me will get kids thinking about both their personal histories and our collective experience as a nation. “This entire country was built by immigrants,” she says. “Every one of us has an immigrant story in our family. It’s a huge part of our American identity. I wrote this book to honor that connection we all share.”

This represents Save Ellis Island’s first in a series of this year’s lectures. Save Ellis Island has a full lineup of fun and exciting programs running through the fall and winter months on Ellis Island. To become a part of this and not miss out on the next compelling event you may register here for information on our fall schedule.

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Jamie Lee Curtis, Janis Calella, president of Save Ellis Island and SEI Board Chairman Joanne Del Rio at This Is Me book event hosted by Save Ellis Island.