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Effects of US Public Health Policy on Immigration

Grade 7 to Grade 12

4 to 5 class periods (plus an education field trip). This lesson plan was designed to be customized to your learning standards and to meet the needs of your students. Complete the whole lesson or select parts to use that best fit your learning standards and time.


By using inquiry-based methods, students will compare and contrast primary and secondary sources to understand and explain the impact of the Ellis Island medical inspection and hospitalization would have on the experiences of immigrants and their families.


Students will be able:

  • to identify the various public heath factors in regard to immigration in the early 20th century
  • to develop the skills for reading and analyzing primary sources
  • to understand the importance of primary sources when studying history
  • to understand the process of the medical inspection Ellis Island


  • What role did the hospitals and medical inspections have on Ellis Island?
  • Why did Ellis Island have medical inspections and hospitalized immigrants?
  • How did the inspection results impact the experience of the immigrant?


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