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Left open to the elements for over sixty years, the Ellis Island Hospital Complex is a photographers dream.

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Photography Session pt

Abandoned, decayed, hidden in plain sight, the hospital lies just beyond the urban landscape of New York City and the metropolitan area.  Built during the height of immigration between 1910 and 1924, this massive complex of twenty-nine buildings, including staff residences and a mortuary was state of the art.

This is where 1.2 million immigrants were treated for infectious diseases prior to gaining admittance to America until the hospital was shuttered in 1954.

stairs pt

“Staircase” courtesy of Peter Hewitt.

Let the light guide you through the corridors and rooms to create the perfect photo.  The rooms are devoid of furnishings but nonetheless filled with the spirits of the immigrants who were cared for there.  Wards, laboratories, kitchens, autoclaves, corridors and morgue – are memories left behind of the patients and staff of the Ellis Island Hospital Complex.

Bring your photography equipment, tri-pod, lighting and gear for an experience to capture and remember.

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