School Tours & Programs

School Tours & Programs

The power of the stories, the empty spaces, the dark corners all speak a historic narrative of a forgotten piece of history. This is a unique and moving experience, one that your students will not forget.

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JLC SchoolTours2Jamie Lee Curtis on Ellis Island, reading from her book, "THIS IS ME: A Story of Who We Are and Where We Came From"

Class trips are often one of the most memorable experiences of a student’s time in school. Students are able to form bonds with their classmates, while seeing some of the most iconic landmarks in America. We invite your students, educators, and administrators to explore the history of one of the largest Public Health Service Hospitals built during the height of immigration between 1902 and 1924.

Let us help you put together an amazing program that is sure to get students, parents and administrators on board. Spend the day or just two hours on Ellis Island, our program advisor will recommend a schedule that best fits your needs.

Save Ellis Island’s on-site education programs cover the history of immigration through Ellis Island, medical discoveries, art, architecture, preservation and culture. The education programs are offered for students in grades 4 to 12 from schools, homeschool groups, after-school programs and other education based groups. The programs are aligned to the National and State Curriculum Standards for History/Social Studies and are tailored for specific grade levels, topics of interest, and can be modified for groups with special needs, if requested in advance.

Take a moment today to start planning the school trip that will create memories to last a lifetime for you and your students.

“We had a terrific time! Having the opportunity for the kids to literally walk through some history was really impactful and our guides were great - super knowledgeable and really engaging with the kids. Loved it!”
~ Chris Vivier, Upper School Art Teacher and Grade 9 Advisor, The Pike School, Andover, MA

School Partner Programs

Save Ellis Island works with high schools and universities throughout the United States. The goal of our School Partner Program is to provide a venue for students to learn and ask questions.

icahn school of medicine tour group

Pictured here is a group from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai attending a day session at the Ellis Island Hospital Complex as part of their InFocus Global Health Exploration Day. The January 2018 session focused on Global Infectious Diseases, Global Health in NYC, Maternal Child Health and Non-Communicable Diseases & Action. This is the third year they chose the Ellis Island Hospitals as one of their host locations and again it was the most popular destination!

Thank you again for the fantastic tour of the Ellis Island Hospital complex. The students really enjoyed their afternoon and I think they learned a lot from their experience. From what I've been hearing, we had "the best NYC field trip" of the 16 different options and it even exceeded the Riker's Island experience. We hope that we can collaborate with you again in the future!
~ Renee Bischoff, MPH, Program Manager Global Education Program of the Arnhold Global Health Institute, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Department of Medical Education

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