Recreation Pavilion

Outdoor Recreation Pavilion

The elegant Beaux Arts Pavilion stands at the west end of the Ellis Island Hospital Complex on the south side of the island. Just in front of the Recreation Building, this is where many famous entertainers performed for the U.S. Coastguard troops stationed at Ellis Island during the 1930’s.

Situated on 7.4 acres of open space between the main hospital buildings on Island #2 and the contagious disease wards on Island #3, the Recreation Pavilion was built to serve as an outdoor shelter allowing patients to enjoy social activities and fresh air recreation during their stay in the hospital.

Rec Pav South

This project, together with other efforts currently underway, will permit the public to experience this unique part of Ellis Island’s, and our nation’s history. The Outdoor Recreation Pavilion and lawn is a crucial next step in our restoration efforts. It will provide 7 acres of open space, which may be used by the public on a managed access basis.

Built in 1934, the shelter is constructed of brick and pre cast ornamental terracotta with a concrete ceiling and enclosed storage rooms at each end. The scope of work for this project includes repair of the brick and terra cotta structure, installation of a new roof and associated roof drainage, upgrading of the electrical system, lighting and window and door restoration. Existing finishes such as plaster walls, wood, concrete flooring, and concrete or suspended ceilings will be restored. New partitions, interior doors and frames, and wood trim will be installed as required.

Save Ellis Island will restore and reuse the Recreation Pavilion preserving the look and feel of the original building, but adapting the uses to current needs. The open space will be kept essentially as it was in the 1930’s.

Use of the space includes tours, events, public programs and increased recreation opportunities close to home. It will also provide a venue to showcase the essence of the park to new audiences through arts and education programs that enhance the public experience on Ellis Island.

Our National Parks depend on partners like Save Ellis Island to help keep public lands open and maintained. Fees from events, tours and programs will provide the necessary ongoing revenue stream to support the operation, maintenance and preservation of this valuable resource for current and future generations.

You can become a part of this historic restoration project by making a donation to support the restoration of the Recreation Pavilion. For a donation of $35 or more, receive a commemorative pin to wear proudly knowing you helped to Save an American Icon.

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