The Other Side – Hard Hat Tours

The Other Side – Hard Hat Tours

On October 1, 2014, Save Ellis Island opened the unrestored Ellis Island Hospital to the public for a 90 minute tour. Since that time, people from all over the word have visited with us on The Other Side of Ellis Island. Over 2,000 people a month walk through the corridors, wards and utility rooms of the hospital on a journey back in time.

Residents from Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC visited to learn about the history of medicine, the hospital on Ellis Island was a teaching hospital. They found the autopsy theater and the entire tour quite intriguing. “The students really enjoyed their afternoon and I think they learned a lot from their experience. …we had “the best NYC field trip’” … it even exceeded the Riker’s Island experience.”

The art exhibit installed by French artist JR is still on view and after two years has taken on an eerie look and feel as it ages over time and becomes part of the object or wall on which it was installed. The beauty of this work is timeless and worth the visit over and over again. ”…great time and fantastic company. Your tour and tidbits you offered along the way really made the place come alive. Bravo and well done, I too, will be back!”

If you are visiting Ellis Island and want to purchase a Hard Hat Tour ticket, they are now available at the Save Ellis Island Visitor Information Desk in the Immigration Museum.

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