• The Daughters of the American Revolution

    The Daughters of the American Revolution

    The Daughters of the American Revolution or DAR as they are also known, is not an organization that most people would associate with Ellis Island or the hospital that operated on Ellis Island until 1954. In order to be a DAR member, women must trace their ancestors to someone who served in the American War of Independence. Few of the millions of immigrants who passed through Ellis Island are likely to have been candidates for membership. However, the history of the DAR and the history of the Ellis Island Hospital Complex are forever linked.

  • Save Ellis Island Celebrates its 5 Year Anniversary of Reopening the South Side

    Save Ellis Island Celebrates its 5 Year Anniversary of Reopening the South Side

    On October 1, 2019, Save Ellis Island celebrated the Fifth Anniversary of the reopening of the South Side for tours and programs. For 60 years, the doors of the Ellis Island Hospital Complex were closed. On October 1, 2014, we opened those doors and began leading guests behind-the-scenes through the unrestored historic hospital buildings.

  • Recreation Pavilion Construction Update

    Recreation Pavilion Construction Update

    Historic building rehabilitation is no small undertaking.  Before work begins, at project initiation, you have to prepare an existing condition assessment.  This Report is a preservation and rehabilitation tool that identifies, describes, and generally evaluates the existing condition of a historic structure and its associated environment.  It is a detailed accounting of the material elements and components of the structure, including its structural system, exterior and interior finishes, architectural ornamentation and features, and building systems at that particular point in time.  Of concern to preservation and design professionals is the cumulative effect of seemingly minor changes over time, which can greatly diminish the integrity of a historic building. The Recreation Pavilion held many secrets.

  • Workshops and Events

    Workshops and Events

    Joe McNally Photography and Save Ellis Island hosted two days of exciting, exclusive hands-on photography workshops on Thursday, September 26 and Friday September 27. These two full days of shooting with world-renowned photographer, Joe McNally took place in select Ellis Island Hospital buildings not readily open to the public.

  • An Ellis Island Christmas with Maxinne Leighton

    An Ellis Island Christmas with Maxinne Leighton

    Ninety lucky students from the Cornelia F. Bradford School - P.S. 16 in Jersey City, NJ., were chosen to participate in a special holiday program hosted by Save Ellis Island with special guest and author of An Ellis Island Christmas, Maxinne Leighton.

  • Jewish immigration to America

    Jewish immigration to America

    As the major Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur approach, Save Ellis Island is reflecting on Jewish immigration to America. When New York was still New Amsterdam there was a small population of Jews living on the island of Manhattan. During the first half of the 19th century they were joined by a wave of German Jews who came to America. By 1877 the American Jewish Yearbook records the presence of over 200,000 Jews in the United States.